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random gu and autos ft 2002-2012

Hockey Card Trading

random gu and autos ft 2002-2012

Postby imthegrinch » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:47 pm

got these autos and gus ft and i dont collect hockey at all so looking for football(mainly 49ers but also gronk,brady,welker,lauranitis),some braves (chipper,smoltz,mccann,other current),alonzo mourning,wwe,tna,and some non sport stuff like iron man,lotr,and other stuff too.anyways here they are -

2002 ud chl graduates jeff friesen 2 color gu(purple/grey) - ducks jersey but devils logo on card
2002 topps 1st round fabric auto/2 color gu(blue/white) radek dvorak - rangers
2006 ultimate collection #/250 ultimate jersey gu ilya kovalchuk - thrashers
2010/11 artifacts autograph logan couture - sharks
2010/11 o ppe chee black rainbow foil insert #66/100 jonathan toews - blackhawks
2010-11 spx winning trios triple gu (blue,black,dark blue)#10/50 matt duchene/john tavares/tyler myers - avalance/islanders/sabres
2011/12 ud gold rc #94/100 mason raymond rc - canucks
2011/12 atrifacts tundra tandems dual gu #225(white/red) eric staal/patrice bergeron - team canada(dunno their actual teams)
I collect wwe,tna,49ers,brady,peyton,gronk,ap,laurinaitis,chipper/andruw jones,smoltz,maddux,mourning,mcgwire,bagwell,lotr,stargate,ufc,marvel,heroes

2106 positive ebay,3913 positive listia,and 65+ bad fb on 4 sites
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Veteran Member
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Team: 49ers
Player: Patrick Willis.Frank Gore,Steve Young,Chipper Jones,Jeff Bagwell
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Re: random gu and autos ft 2002-2012

Postby nycsenseproductions » Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:06 am

:D Got that James Xfractor--- even trade for any 1 of these cards!!! :D
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Veteran Member
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Re: random gu and autos ft 2002-2012

Postby frbrd29 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:26 am

what do you want for the Blackhawks foil card of Jonothan Toews? I have friend that would make a great xmas present for; HUGE Blackhawks fan!
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Veteran Member
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Re: random gu and autos ft 2002-2012

Postby bakemeister52 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:21 am

I have a small stack of Chipper Jones and Smoltz, 1 nice Steve Young #d, 2 LOTR movie sets, and maybe more 49ers, I am sorting basketball and football right now. Will take any of the above in trade!

Looking for Emmitt Smith,Marcus Mariota and 2009-2015 Topps Platinum in Football.
Looking for Graig Nettles, Derek Jeter in Baseball.
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