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wttf wwe dog tags to finish sets

wttf wwe dog tags to finish sets

Postby imthegrinch » Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:44 pm

looking to finish out my wwe dog tag sets.need the following (want to try to get dog and card set if possible unless noted) -

2010(pyrotechnic set) - big show,john morrison,jericho(need only tag),undertaker(only tag)edge(only card,and randy orton.

2011 relic edition - only need relics from this set - edge,cena,alex riley,orton,and mysterio(they have the grey background on relic tags and cards)

2012 ringside relic edition - sheamus(only tag),miz(only tag)swagger(only tag),heath slater(tag only),cena(tag only),christian(tag only),kofi(tag only),bourne(tag only),santino,sin cara,miz,stone cold. regular tags not relics.

2014 signature series - cena(tag),punk(tag),alberto(tag),christian(card),cody rhodes(tag),sin cara(tag),undertaker(tag),cactus jack(card),jerry lawler(card),hbk(tag).
divas - aj,layla,natalya.
relics - ryback,miz,barrett.
autos - aj,brodus clay,daniel bryan,kane,layla,natalya,zack ryder.

2015 current set - cards - reigns,ambrose,rock,edge,warrior
tags - reigns,ambrose,rock,edge,cena,rollins
relics - reigns,big show,kofi,mysterio,edge,jake roberts
I collect wwe,tna,49ers,brady,peyton,gronk,ap,laurinaitis,chipper/andruw jones,smoltz,maddux,mourning,mcgwire,bagwell,lotr,stargate,ufc,marvel,heroes

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