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wwe 2010 topps & more

wwe 2010 topps & more

Postby johnmenard1 » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:22 am

I have alot of inserts, 90 blue numbered, 1 gold card number 76,

and these nice cards'

1/1 printing plate Magenta Swagger
1/1 Superstar Swatch Cody Rhodes
3 color Superstar Swatch Evan Bourne
redemption Superstar Swatch Gold Parallel Ted Dibiase

and these

2008 tna impact cards

Roxxi Laveaux auto
Salinas auto
Karen Angle auto
Big James auto
Traci Brooks event used 185/250

2010 New Era auto Jeremy Borash

2005 Heritage Chrome Mat card Melina/Wilson
2008 Heritage 3 chrome Mat card Kennedy/Michaels

2003 Aggression Edge event used
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