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1 Pack Of 09/10 UD

Basketball Card Trading

1 Pack Of 09/10 UD

Postby bandit1960 » Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:58 am

Here's what I pulled from the 1 pack of 09/10 Upper Deck I bought today. All for trade, unless noted. Thanks.

Maurice Evans #6
Joakim Noah #25
Jason Terry #40
Amir Johnson #51 NFT
Andris Biendrins #57
Jeff Foster #71
Dwyane Wade #95
Chris Douglas-Roberts #119
Jared Jeffries #131
Willie Green #150
Steve Nash #154
Rudy Fernandez #162
Jason Thompson #170
Matt Bonner #178
Jose Calderon #181
Kyle Korver #192
Antawn Jamison #195
Brendan Haywood #198
Chase Budinger RC #225
Michael Jordan Legacy #871 NFT
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