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trading off my cards for ps3 games before ebay !@

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:23 am
by djk929
i know i am new, and i will need to send first and thats fine with me, i trade on other sites and have good feedback so i know how it works, as long as you have good feedback i will send first, ive got nice cards, like a prince fielder lettermen auto #d to 10 that does not have a book value, ive got a really nice collection and im gonna take the next day or two coming up with a list of all my cards patches/game used, autos, vintage, rookies etc i have football, as well as hockey basketball baseball some mma. and i will have it available by tomorrow or the next day i will update this thread with a nice list, i could scan cards but only if its for a trade i cant scan them all

i am interested in new and or older games
so that i can get back to you in a fashionly time

i do not have

anything from the COD series
gran turismo 5
heavy rain
ncaa college football 09, or 10
nhl 09
fight night 4

feel free to list ANY and ALL games u have for ps3 because i play almost any games (unless i have them already)

and we will see whats up, ill get working on the list ive got a nice collection