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teams for sale

Football Card Selling

teams for sale

Postby matthewb3593 » Sat Sep 15, 2007 2:04 pm

cash only


upper deck- '06 rookie premiere- matt leiart
upper deck- fantasy top 25- anquan boldin
'06 topps team set- todd watkins
'07 topps team set- anquan boldin
donruss- classics '07- matt leinart
press pass '07- alan branch

topps dpp- antonio gates
topps 50th anniversary- vincent jackson (rookie)
topps team set- phillip rivers
topps team set- eric weddle (rookie)
topps team set- michael turner (2)
topps team set- darren sproles
topps total '07- catillo/williams

topps team set- dwayne bowe
eddie kennison
tamba hali
topps 50th anniversary- priest holmes
press pass '07- dwayne bowe

topps dpp- michael huff
topps dpp '05- randy moss
'06 upper deck rookie premiere- michael huff
press pass '06 big numbers- michael huff
topps team set- lamont jordan (2)
- derrick burgess
press pass se- insider insight- michael bush

upper deck '07- bryon leftwich
upper deck freshman phenoms- reggie nelson
topps team set- george wrighster
donruss threads '07- reggie williams

topps team set- aaron rouse
- aaron rodgers
score '06- aj hawk (rookie)
upper deck '07- aj hawk, donald driver
'07 topps total- kampman/ gbaja-biamila

topps dpp- santana moss
all americans- laron landry
topps team set- antwaan randle el
- london flecher
- chris cooley
- sean taylor

upper deck '07- brian urlacher
press pass '07 ncaa leaders- garrett wolfe
topps team set- greg olsen
- post season highlights (offense)
- brian griese

donruss classics '02- ed reed (rookie) miami uniform
topps team set- yamon figurs (2)
- kyle boller (2)
'07 topps total- boller/green/williams
'07 score- bart scott
'07 donruss threads- mcnair

upper deck '07- michael vick
topps team set- joe horn
- martrez milner

topps dpp- shaun alexander
'05 bowman chrome- matt hasselbeck
'05 score- matt hasselbeck
fleer fantasy standouts- matt hasselbeck
topps team set '06- postseason highlights (seahawks)
'07 upper deck- matt hasselbeck
topps team set '07- josh wilson (rookie) (2)
- marcus pollard
- dj hackett
- deion branch
'07 score- marc strong
'07 donruss threads- shaun alexander
'07 topps total rookies- josh wilson, brandon mebane

topps 50th anniversary- terrell owens
- david akers
'06 donruss threads generations- mcnabb/moon
'07 upper deck- mcnabb
'07 rookie premiere- tony hunt
topps team set- stewart bradley (rookie)
- lito sheppard (2)
topps total '07 - reggie brown

'05 topps total- alex smith
topps team set '06- alex smith
'06 score- alex smith
'07 upper deck rookie premiere- patrick willis
1990 score record breakers- joe montana

'07 upper deck- lendale white
'07 score- paul williams (rookie)
'07 upper deck rookie premiere- chris henry
'07 topps total- hill/finnegan/scaife
'07 topps total offensive rookie of the year- vince young

topps team set '07- all pro team- bulger
topps team set'07 - tye hill (2)
- jonathan wade (rookie)
- steven jackson
topps total '07- brian leonard (rookie)
- marc bulger

topps team set- pennington
- laveranues coles
- justin miller
- jerricho cotchery
donruss threads- pennington
score '07 laveranues coles

upper deck '07- gaines adams
fleer- the franchise- carnell williams
topps team set '06- gradkowski
'07- derrick brooks
- joey galloway
- kenneth darby
- carnell williams
donruss threads '07- alstott

upper deck '07- eli manning
upper deck '06- 1000 recieving club - burress
'06 topps team sets- eli manning
- tiki barber
'07 topps team set- sinorice moss (2)
- michael starhan
topps total '07- wilson/demps
- cofield/robbins/joseph

'06 topps team set all pro- ederrin james
all pro- peyton manning
'06 topps team set- dominic rhodes
'05 score - peyton manning (wearing pro bowl jeresey)
topps 50th anniversary- peyton manning
- league leaders- edgerrin james
score '05- freeney
topps team set '07 pro bowl uniform- wayne, manning
topps team set '07 - postseason highlights (offense and defense)
topps team set '07- dallas clark
topps total '07- glenn/saturday/diem
topps total '07 morris/brackett

upper deck '07- palmer
'06 topps team set- graham
topps 50th anniversary - rudi johnson
topps 50th anniversary all pro- rudi johnson
upper deck '06 3000 passing club- palmer
fleer ultra - ultra stars- palmer
donruss classics '07 - rudi johnson
topps team sets '07- kenny irons (rookie)
- jeff rowe (rookie)
topps total '07- earl everett (rookie)

topps all pro team team set- roy williams
topps team set- kevin jones (2)
score '07- calvin johnson
'07 topps total- mike furrey

topps team set all pro - champ bailey
topps team set all pro team- champ bailey
topps team set- javon walker
- travis henry (2)

playoff presitge '07- charles johnson (rookie)
fleer ultra- keyshawn johnson
donruss gridiron gear- steve smith
upper deck '06 300 passing club- jake delhomme
'06 topps team set league leaders- steve smith
'05 upper deck kick off- jake delhomme
topps team set '07- steve smith
- keyshawn johnson
'07 upper deck- steve smith
'07 topps total- jenkins and rucker

upper deck '07- julius jones
- terrell owens
topps total '06- romo/henson
upper deck '06 star rookies- bobby carpenter
topps team set rookie special edition- skyler green
topps true champions '06- emmitt smith
'98 bowman's best- michael irvin
'07 score- terry glenn (2)
- patrick crayton
'06 score- jason witten
topps team set- terence newman

score '06- culpepper
score '07- thomas
fleer ultra (vikings uniform) but dolphins on the card

'07 donruss threads- josh reed
'07 score- roscoe parrish
press pass '07 - dwayne wright
upper deck '07 - marshawn lynch (rookie)

upper deck '07- asante sammuel
'06 topps team set- graham, seymour, jackson (rookie), harrison, watson, vrabel, faulk, maroney (rookie), branch, dillon
'06 upper deck rookie premiere- maroney, jackson
'06 score- dillon, branch
'07 score- colvin
'05 upper deck kickoff- brady
topps 1989- tony eason
'06 sports illustrated for kids (topps)- brady
fleer ultra '06- brady
'02 topps chrome- brady
'06 fleer- brady
'07 topps team set- asante samuel
'07 topps team set- meriweather (rookie)

topps team set- aundrae allison, marcus mccauley (rookie)
'07 topps total- allison (rookie)
'07 upper deck- troy williamson, tarvaris jackson
'07 rookie premiere (upper deck)- sidney rice
'07 upper deck- marcus mccauley
'05 topps 50th anniversary- sharper, burleson
'06 upper deck rookie premiere- tavaris jackson
score '05
upper deck rookie debut '05
upper deck '05
'05 playoff prestige
topps dpp '05
topps 50th anniversary (league leaders)
topps total '05
'05 bazooka
topps 50th anniversary
topps total '05
fleer '05
'05 score
'05 bowman

'06 topps team set- haas (rookie)
'06 score- antowain smith
'07 topps team set- mcallister
'07 score- mcallister
'07 donruss classics- bush
'07 fleer ultra- bush

donruss threads '07- edwards
'07 topps total- carter/bodden/wright
'07 topps team set- jamal lewis, braylon edwards, joe jurevicius

topps dpp- owen daniels
'07 upper deck- mario williams
'07 topps team set- defensive rookie of the year- demeco ryans
'07 topps team set- darius walker (rookie)
'07 topps team set- wali lundy
'07 topps team set- amobi okoye

the toss up between who takes the texans and saints
press pass '07 marquee matchups (college uniforms)
vince young/reggie bush

toss up between who takes the texans and browns
darius walker/brady quinn
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