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The new TCN design is currently in Beta. If you have any problems or find any bugs, please to email details. Please include the URL of the page.

Welcome to Trade Cards Now!

The New Trade Cards Now

We are currently developing our new site. Some of our new features to the site. . .

  • New design
  • New gallery
  • Trade tracking system
  • Add cards to your inventory

Of course we have our message boards.
Click here to go to our message boards.

Legacy Links

We are doing our best to maintain legacy links and tools. These tools may be phased out in the future, depending on the need. If you are currently using these please click here to contact me and let me know.

What does legacy mean?
A legacy system is an application program that continues to be used, typically because it still functions for the users' needs, even though newer technology of performing a task are now available.